About Me

Berlin based Massage Therapist, Yogi and plants- phytotherapy/plant based nutrition enthusiast.

I have always been fascinated with everything body related, thus body work became my main passion after developing into the holistic world from the Arts in 2013.

Studied 4 years in the HPS (Die Heilpraktikschule in Selbstverwaltung) with focus on bodywork and phyto-therapy.

During my studies in the HPS I’ve mastered a Classic swedish oil massage course, a Trigger Point course (2015), two Reflexology courses (2015, 2016) and an Ayurvedic massage course (2017)

In 2019 I’ve completed a 200 Hour Teacher Training course in Maysore India and in 2020 another 300 Hour Teacher Training course in Karnataka India.

Any questions?


  • noa.bodywork@gmail.com