I offer classes from absolute beginners and teach the basics, to more advanced yogis. In a studio in Kreuzberg or in your home, we can do private classes, couples sessions or small groups.


A more dynamic methodic classic form of yoga. physical, challenging, and focused. Working on the first series of Ashtanga Yoga.


My vinyasa flows usually start slower and gradually build up towards a dynamic middle, to work on balancing both strength and flexibility.


This type of yoga is more still. Working on strengthening the joints the ligaments and all the binds in our body. We stay in the postures mostly seated or on our backs, for any length between one and six minutes. A more calming and relaxing type of yoga practice.


This is a yoga session to help restore the body, and work on healing chronic pains or issues in the structure of the body such as joint pain or healing after an operation. This can be built as a small group or for an individual.

private60 min30
couple70 min50
group90 min80