Deep Tissue

60-90 minutes

Oil Massage. Uses hands, forearms, and fingertips to locate and loosen tensions in the muscles. Helpful for chronic muscle pain or cramps, to aid in injury recovery, reduce scar tissue in muscles, and improve postural conditions. This technique allows for more focused work and stronger pressure.


60-90 minutes

Classic Oil Massage technique. Slow long and deep motions to improve circulation, and alleviate tension in the underlying tissue. This massage gently separates points of adhesion (knots).


60-90 minutes

Oil feet massage that focuses on pressure points, to target problem areas inside the body using unique micro-movement of the thumbs, fingers and knuckles. This Massage is great for anyone who wants to balance the energy of the body, vitalize the body systems, as well as relief stress, headaches, tiredness or chronic sore feet.

Moon Cycle Massage

60-90 minutes

This Oil Massage tries to alleviate PMS symptoms, allowing your body to regain its natural healing process and rhythm. Used to reduce cramps. The Massage focuses on stress relief through the neck, shoulders and deep lower back work as well as lower abdomen.

Office Massages

60 minutes

a mobile in-office or events short and effective massages focusing usually on neck and shoulders. Please contact for more information on the office massage prices and special offers.

The pricing system is based on income and your ability. You can choose how much to pay, according to the following-

Lengthprice range
60 minutes65-100
120 minutes85-120